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Welcome to the Image Restoration Web site, please read on to find out about the services we provide and the examples

  • Photographic Restoration
  • Photographic Colouring
  • Photographic Editing and Manipulation
  • Photographic Artistic Effects to an image
  • Video to DVD
  • Capturing Images from Slides and Negatives
  • Photographic and Slide Archiving

You do not have to live in Glasgow to have your images worked on by me,not even in the UK, if you want an image worked on,fill in the Order form with your details and a brief description of the work you need doing I will then contact you by email and you will be able to send your image to me.  When I have completed the image I will send you a link to the "Your Images" Page, if you like the Image and agree with the price (You can use the Currency convertor to view the price in your own currency) you then go to the PayPal button at the bottom of the page follow the instructions, and on notification of your payment the completed image will be emailed to you or posted recorded delivery at no extra charge on the new page click on the blue link "Open in a different window" and it will take you to a secure payment form.  so don't let distance prevent your images being given new life, contact me today.
this is an example of adding image so that the photograph is centred

you can also have height added to the photograph with a blur effect to bring the subject of the photograph forward, with the levels adjusted can make a good photo excellent

this is an example of enhancing an image to get a better result and depth to the image.
an example of a restoration project

With a variety of offerings to choose from, you can have treasured family photographs restored to new with Digital Restoration, No matter how bad it is damaged there is always something you can do to restore photographic treasures even if a face has been lost through damage or just faded in the sun, by using another photo with the same person it can be manipulated to the image you want restored.

In this example there is a great deal of cracks to be removed from the image to get the result in the image on the right

Also to give a photograph a new look you may want it coloured by giving me as much information about the person or people in an image like eye colour or hair colour, as much about the people and how they looked, the better the image will look when coloured using Digital Colouring.

As you will see from this image everything from the largest item to the smallest leaf have been coloured to make it look authentic as if it was a  colour film.each individual person in the back ground has had colour added even the rodedendrun bush has been civen a spalsh of colour

You may have a great photograph or it would be if the people in it were in the centre of the photo, well even if parts of their bodies are off the edge of the image they can be brought into the centre of the image and the missing parts can seamlessly be replaced, move people around or add people to an image that were not present at the time of taking, also remove people, clean up the back grounds of scenic photographs with unwanted people in the area this can all be done with Digital Editing and Manipulation.

In this example I used a different image to change the background from a city scene to a country scene

You may even want a plain image jazzed up a little, well with Artistic Effects you can have decorative borders, filters and special effects.  so let me know what you want and I will let you know it can be done.

In this image ( the face has been deliberately Blurred) the young girl has been inserted into a fantasy Garden, with the flowers placed in front of her to give the impression she is sitting in the garden.

Get your plain Wedding Photographs Enhanced with Artistic Effects.

Pick any of your Photographs up to 25 put to music, (like your first dance music) and put to DVD, while the rest of your plain images are saved to a CD for safety at only 25 pence per image, you can also have your enhanced photographs put in to a wedding Album (You would not pay for the printed images)

in this image the photograph on the left is the original and the photograph on the right has been given an oil painting effect.

The owner of this Image asked me to do what I can with this but she was not expecting too much, with what I had to work with, there is so much that can be done with so little
The following video shows some examples of Restoration, Colouring and Editing and how they would be priced :-

I hope you can find everything you need. Image Restoration is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - I will do everything I can to meet your expectations

If you have lost an image but still have a negative then I can replace your photograph from the negative.  I also archive your photograph and slides and can also put the slides and photographs of your choice onto a slide show and put them to DVD while the rest of your Slides, Negative and Photographs safely stored to a CD.

Get your family video's, camcorder tapes and mini 8 transferred to DVD and keep them safer on a DVD and cleaner.   So for any thing to do with changing a photograph, slide or negatives,have your Audio Cassettes transferred to CD get in touch with me at  Image Restoration.  I am sure you'll be happy working with me

Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.


we are perfect for that Anniversary gift to parents get their wedding photographs coloured and or restored, missing a family member fro a family portrait let me insert them to your Photograph, there are so many ways to enhance an image that could make a great present like this image

this imge shows examples of the services I offer